Ikea jest Hand sewn covers for couches

Soferia is a company operating in Poland that specializes in creating tailor-made furniture covers. We have prepared for our customers a very wide selection of fabrics from which Klippan cover can be made. We are able to sew covers in both short-term time from both modern and traditional fabrics. It is worth noting that Klippan cover has hydrophobic properties and can easily be kept clean. Soferia serves customers from all over Europe and ensures fast and cheap shipping. Each furniture cover is characterized by high functionality and high resistance to abrasion. Our products are also exceptionally aesthetic, so they can be used to decorate the interior and to change its decor. It should be added that each case is sewn to size, which boils down to the fact that they look great on sofas and armchairs. The furniture for each case offers up to two years warranty, because we are completely sure of their high quality. The customer also has two weeks to return the cover if they choose a different fabric pattern.